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PVP Services

“When one casket door closes, another one opens.”
–Dr. Edgar B. Scattergood

Though we make Posthumous Vanity Publishing (PVP) available as a service to the grieving families of  deceased unpublished poets and writers, Dr. Scattergood views PVP more as his parting gift to the poets and writers themselves.  PVP also represents the good Doctor’s legacy to the Los Angeles community, upon which swarms of unpublished, mortal writers descend each year.

Dr. Scattergood asks, “If your loved one passed on to the Next Life after being passed over by publishers and magazines in This One, then where to put the unread Bits left behind?”

“Only Here,” interjects Dr. Scattergood as he quickly answers his own question.  “Yes, only Here will those Bits truly be Forever Prized.”

What is PVP?

With a basic PVP package, we will take the name of the loved one’s prized poem, short story or excerpt and create a special Forever domain name for that work.   For Demod Smith and his family, we took his poem, The Hayfield, added our Forever trademark, and then bought the domain name www.TheHayfieldForever.com.   TheOydsseyForever.com, HowlForever.com, and InThe WaitingRoomForever.com are all examples of domains we’ve created for other known prized works if the families of Homer, Allen Ginsberg and Elizabeth Bishop would like to come forward.

For other examples of prized poetry and fiction perpetuated by our PVP services, please take a Moment to visit www.thehayfieldforever.com,  www.seeminglyforever.com and  www.thecartooncowgirlforever.com.   Your loved one’s work will be published alongside a special introduction by Dr. Scattergood.  And for an additional fee, we will have that work researched and annotated with line-by-line commentary by literary scholars who can help you understand what your loved one was trying to say.

We will assist any person in setting up a PVP website on their own using the Forever formula (name of poem + “forever” + .com) along with Dr. Scattergood’s gracious introduction.

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